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Professional career

01.01.2020 Open to new challenges

  • As a pensioner, I am looking for a new exciting job in my profession, with preference in German and English-speaking countries, also overseas.

01.02.2019 - 31/12/2019

  • Temporarily employed at the company Mehler Vario System in advisory function for the new management of the subsidiary Mehler Protective System in Zrenjanin / Serbia.

2016 - February 2019

  • Middle of 2016, I was asked by my ex-employer "Mehler Vario System" whether I would be interested in some tasks in quality- and production monitoring as well as various other activities.
  • From November 2016 until December 2018, working as freelance garment technician for "Mehler Vario System" at different production sites abroad (Croatia, Romania, Serbia, and Vietnam/Saigon) as well as at the company headquarters in Fulda. Furthermore, I was in Tunisia/Sfax active for the company Lindnerhof-tactics, a partner company of "Mehler Vario System".

April 2015 – March 2016

  • At the age of 67, I left the company "Mehler Vario System" at the end of March to start my further life as a retiree.

2011 - 2015 Mehler Vario Systems

  • Production manager for the subsidiary firm of "Mehler Vario System" in Zrenjanin/Serbia with currently 220 employees.
  • My responsibilities also included ensuring the quality at several subcontractors in Poland, Hungary, Croatia, Slovakia and Romania.

2009 - 2011 Mehler Vario Systems

  • Team leader "foreign manufacturing" with the main emphasis of quality assurance, staff training (sewing, cutting, supervisor and warehouse staff) as well as production planning and deadline monitoring in the Serbian subsidiary firm as well as further support of the various subcontractors.

2008 - 2009 Mehler Vario Systems

  • Building up the production of the subsidiary firm from the man level (January 2007) of 28 employees up to 250 employees incl. Machine procurement (New building).

2007 - 2008 Mehler Vario Systems

  • Abroad Garment technician (Team-leader subcontractor) for the field of product controls, preparation, monitoring and quality control (Poland, Romania, Hungary, Serbia, Slovakia, and India), including setting up a new production-place in Zrenjanin/SRB for approximately up to 250 employees.

1993 – 2006

  • Needles and PinsFashion Design - www.needles-and-pins.com (This domain has been closed) 83093 Bad Endorf - Bavaria/Germany, proprietor of the fashion studio and fashion boutique, self-employed.
  • Custom-made manufacturing of garments of any type.
  • Beyond the production of garments, further tasks were customer service, design creation, selection of material consistency, taking of measure, setting up of patterns and manufacturing all kind of garments.
  • Furthermore, technical textiles were manufactures, e.g. materials for prams, bicycle trailer etc.

in 1999

  • A Web design studio www.webdesigne.org (This domain has been closed) was added to the Fashion studio.

1987 – 1993 Friedrich GmbH

  • www.wetterschutz.de Production Director for the field of product development, product preparation and monitoring (nationally and internationally), time management, organization, quality control and maintenance of equipment. Through my activities, I could improve the operating procedures in many areas. For time studies, I developed an evaluation programme for computing.
  • Furthermore, I visited an evening school to get an Instructor Certificate. After successful completion, I achieved the formal authorization to train up technical staff.

1982 – 1986

  • Work as freelance garment technician in various locations such as Germany, Morocco, Poland.
  • The companies in my range were either affiliates of my client or companies, which manufactured multiple articles for my clients.
  • Among other tasks, I was in charge of the entire control and monitoring of the production as well as the adherence to quality standards.
  • With fast organizational decisions, I could eradicate teething troubles during the introduction phase of new products, thereby achieving an increase in quality and productivity.

1979 – 1981

Heinze Pret a' Porter International SA in Port-au-Prince/ Haiti (new foundation) establishing a cutting and work preparation department.

  • Training up of cutting and fitting staff
  • Training up of a cutting director and assistant
  • The organization of Department Cutting and Fitting
  • Development, introduction and monitoring of a quality assurance system for the cutting and sewing department in close cooperation with KSA (Kurt Salmon Associates Inc. Management Consultants, Atlanta, USA).
  • Implementation of warehousing.
  • Training-up of warehouse staff
  • Work preparation and monitoring of the sewing department.
  • Time studies, according to REFA.
  • Ergonomic workstation design.

1977 – 1978 TA Hohenstein

  • Studied garment technology at "Castle Hohenstein" University of Technology, focusing on industrial production.


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