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My career started in my childhood at a sewing machine, followed by vocational training to become a Men's underwear trimmer (formerly a recognized teaching profession) and later study of garment technology with emphasis on industrial production.

During my professional career in 50 years, at several production facilities in various countries, my expertise is influenced extremely practical and includes each work process. i.e. setting up of patterns, drawings, layout, sowing and quality control, as well the training of sewing, cutting and leading staff and maintenance of sewing machines (except for the electronics) including developing of new tools for process optimization.

 All this gives me the possibility to empathize well in various process levels. 

Retired since January 2020, but too fit not to look for a new and challenging job around ​​my previous professional activities.

Areas of know-how:

  • Planning of quality standards
  • Pattern design (dresses, trousers, blouses, shirts, coats, jackets etc.)
  • Scheduling the required staff for timely completion of orders.
  • Selecting necessary production equipment
  • Develop new tools for sewing machines
  • Setting up sewing lines according to the premiss „correct workforce located at the right machine. “
  • Quality and performance monitoring, including development and introduction of quality and performance measures, e.g. ergonomic workstation design
  • Supervision of subcontractors to ensure quality standards
  • Inventory management and shipping
  • Training of apprentices

Technical capabilities:

  • Control of all sewing machines incl. JUKI AMS-224E sewing field automates.
  • Design and programming of profile stitching jigs for the JUKI AMS-224E
  • Control of all cutting machines incl. KURIS CNC cutter.
  • Know-How of programming and design of special sewing tools
  • Control of equipment for the design of patterns
  • Know-How of time studies (REFA A + B)
  • Excel table created to evaluate REFA time studies (Z2).
  • Know-How of time studies (MTM)
  • General PC knowledge and use of Excel, Word, Photoshop, Flash (Macromedia).


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